Bring & Buy

Welcome to the MOAB 2019 Bring and Buy, an overview and important information follows!

The Sutherland Shire Gamers is an activity of the Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club. Like you we are gamers who enjoy a range of table top games, we run two events, MOAB (which includes our Bring and Buy) and the Second Hand Stall at CANCON.

We run both of these events to raise funds for our club and as a service to our fellow gamers, we are all volunteers.

Sellers, we do not have the resources to provide comprehensive surveillance of the event or its patrons because of the intense level of activity that occurs in a relatively short period of time and in a confined space. Accordingly, Sellers who place items for sale in either of our two stalls do so at their own risk we do not accept responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of any item.

Buyers, we do not have the resources to inspect and verify that each item on a Sellers list has been submitted, that the description provided is accurate or that the condition of the item is as described or inferred. Accordingly all goods are sold as is, there are no refunds and it is the Buyers responsibility to ensure that the items they purchase are as described. Unless otherwise marked items may be taken to the sales desk and opened by staff for inspection prior to sale.

Please subscribe to our MOAB updates (including the Bring & Buy). To improve our service, we regularly review and may change our forms, sales procedures and hours of operation from year to year. By receiving updates you will be kept informed of any changes made.

Details will be announced soon.

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