MOAB 2018 Painting Competition

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Download the Painting Competition rules as a PDF.


The registration and schedule is as follows:

  • Entries may be registered on site at the Aetherworks stand on Saturday at MOAB. Entries will not be accepted after 5pm on Saturday.
  • Entries are to be held for general display, photography and judging after registration at the painting competition area.
  • Winning figures will be announced on Sunday afternoon, approximately 2pm.
  • Unless prior arrangement are made with competition staff, all entries must be collected between 4pm Sunday and 3pm Monday. Feedback will also be available on request at pickup, time pending.
  • Entries not picked up before 3pm Monday will be posted back at the entrant’s expense.
  • A ticket will be issued to all entrants when registering entries. Please retain these to claim your models afterwards.
  • Photos of entries will be posted online on OzPainters at a later date.


The cost of entry is $5 per entry, up to a maximum $20 (you can enter as much as you want, past the cost of the initial 4 entries).

Free Entry for Players Registered with a Tournament

This year, we will allow one free entry to any category for anyone registered with a tournament.

  • Entries still must be registered as per the above procedure, with the cost of entry waived for one entry.
  • Proof of tournament registration may be required.
  • The entry does not have to be from the army or system you are using in the tournament.
  • A full list of tournaments can be found on the MOAB website.
  • Please note that entries cannot be judged and returned in between tournament rounds.

Models required for use in tournaments should not be entered, as they may not be able to be returned in time for games.  

We will award a prize (Best Tournament Player Painting Entry) to an entry entered this way to encourage tournament players to enter the competition. The trophy/certificate will only be awarded if we receive sufficient (more than 5) entries.


  • Any entry may be moved to a more appropriate category at the judge’s discretion.
  • Entrants may enter up to two entries per category.
  • If an entrant has two entries in a category, the judges will pick the best entry out of the two for placing considerations. This is to avoid the same person winning multiple placings in a category.
  • All judges decisions are final, and correspondence will not be entered into.
  • Judges may add further categories on the day if there are enough entries to warrant them (eg. Best of manufacturer)
  • You agree to allow for photography of your entries for display, promotional, and commercial use.
  • You agree to allow your name to be published alongside you work, and as an entrant to the competition.

There are four categories this year:

  • Single miniature
  • Large Model
  • Group
  • Small Scale (15mm and under) Unit
Single Miniature
  • Single miniatures that fit on a base size no bigger than 40mm square or round.
  • If mounted directly on a display plinth, then the cross sectional area of the plinth must be no bigger than 40mm in any dimension
  • Single miniatures must be roughly the size of a 30mm humanoid or smaller.
  • Single miniatures may be mounted as long as they fit within the base size restrictions.
  • Total height of miniature and base or plinth must be no taller than 100mm, including plinth.
Large Model
  • This category is open to single large models.
  • Models must be larger than a standard 30mm tall humanoid and may be mounted.
  • Total height of miniature and base or plinth must be no taller than 200mm.
  • This category will also include vehicles and busts.
  • This category consists of a collection of 3-5 single models that form a cohesive group.
  • This category will also include war machines with crew.
  • Units can be a mix of single and large models as appropriate.
  • Handling trays are allowed, provided that they are of an appropriate size, however only the models will be judging. Scenic elements of a handling tray will not influence the judging.
  • Also note that entries do not have to be ‘game legal’, just present as a cohesive looking group.
Small Scale Group
  • This category consists of a collection of 3-5 stands of models that form a cohesive group
  • Models entered in this category should be 15mm scale or smaller
  • This category will also include vehicle squads of the same scale, in which case 3-5 vehicles should be entered
  • Handling trays are preferred for this category, but not necessary.


Trophies/Certificates will be awarded to first, second and third place entries in each of the above categories.

Entry Form

The entry form can be downloaded from:

Some Hints from the Judges

We thought it would be helpful to let you know some of the things the judge(s) look out for while judging that could potentially make your entry a winner.

  • Neatness is a key to a winning mini. Before you worry about detailed shading and highlighting, a neat presentation always stands out. Check for paint strokes that have wandered onto another area.
  • Glue your models together, use pins if it needs it. You may think judges want to see the underside of that miniature sitting on a throne, but if it falls on the ground when we pick up the mini neither you or the judge will be happy. Judges always pick up models to look at them from every direction, ensure your models stay in one piece.
  • Remove mold lines and drill out barrels. That time spent preparing really shows in the finished model. It can be a decider between two entries vying for a winning place - one that has mold lines marring a fine paint job will be edged out.
  • A nice base goes a long way - although there are restrictions on base sizes, this does not mean you cannot be creative.
  • Doing something that helps show off the miniature and put it in context will make it stand  out and catch the judges' eyes.

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