The Auction House

Welcome to the MOAB 2019 The Auction House!

Please click on the buttons below to access an overview of the Auction House, as well as important information such as Terms & Conditions and seller requirements.

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The Auction House – a non-profit Silent Auction

The Auction House will be a Silent Auction that is there will be no auctioneer selling individual items. (A silent auction will allow us to auction many items simultaneously.)

Instead bids are to be written on a biding sheet that will be placed next to each item. The bid sheet will have the item number, description, fair market value, opening bid amount, and incremental bid amount.

At the end of the auction the sheets will be collected, inspected and the highest listed bidder wins the item.

Consumer rights

Goods bought at auction are not covered by statutory warranties, there are no refunds. Before buying at auction, you should make sure that the item is as described as all items are `sold as is’, because you can’t change your mind once the bid is accepted.

Silent Auction Terms and Conditions
  1. By bidding in Sutherland Shire Gamers silent auctions, each bidder agrees to these auction rules.
  2. All sales are final. There will be no exchanges or refunds unless otherwise noted. All items are “as is.” All items have been described by their respective owners. The Sutherland Shire Gamers has attempted to verify the description and to catalogue Items correctly, but neither warrants nor represents and in no event shall be responsible for the correctness of descriptions, genuineness, authorship, provenance or condition of the items. No statement made in this catalogue, or made orally at the auction or elsewhere, shall be deemed such a warranty, representation, or assumption of liability.
  3. The auction item reserve price is provided by the owner.
  4. Payment for items purchased must be made in full on the day of the auction to the cashier. Sutherland Shire Gamers accepts cash, MasterCard and Visa or American express, a fee applies to credit card purchases. Please allow 30 minutes after the silent auction bidding has closed before reporting to the cashier.
  5. Following payments, you may pick up your purchases in the checkout area. You must show your paid receipt for items to be picked up.
  6. The purchaser must pick up all items the day of the auction, unless special arrangements are made. Any item left unclaimed, without prior arrangements, will be sold and proceeds will go to Sutherland Shire Gamers.
  7. The Sutherland Shire Gamers reserves the right to refuse to accept any item, add or withdraw items, without notice, to or from the auction.
  8. Each person bidding assumes all risks and hazards related to the auction and items obtained at the auction. Each bidder agrees to hold harmless from any liability arising indirectly from Sutherland Shire Gamers, their elected and appointed officials, members, the event organizers and/or volunteers connected with the auction.
Bidder Registration
  • All bidders must register and receive a bidder number for use at the silent auction. Bidders may register online, see then Register as a Auction Bidder button below.
  • Bidders must use their bidder number on the bid sheet for their bid to be valid.
Silent Auction Bidding Process
  • Bidding sheets containing the auction item code, description, opening bid amount, and incremental bid amount, will be placed next to each item.
  • To place a bid on a silent auction item, bidders write down their bidder number and bid amount on the next available line on the bidder sheet.
  • Incremental bids that don’t meet our minimum incremental bid amount are invalid bids.
  • All decisions by the Auction Chair are final.
Checkout Procedures
  • After bidding has closed all bid sheets will be collect and processed. Approximately 30 minutes after the auction has closed the winning bidder will be notified by phone or text message.
  • Payment can be made to the cashier and the goods collected on presentation of their receipt.

Seller Terms and Conditions - Auction House

By placing goods for auction, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
  1. This auction is conducted by the Sutherland Shire Gamers, which is an activity of the Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Centre Inc.
  2. The auction is conducted by volunteers for the good of the hobby.
  3. The auction is not a business and is not part of any regular trade or commerce.
  4. You are responsible for providing an accurate description of all items placed for auction. By placing your items up for auction you are stating that you have `clear title’ (ownership) of said items.
  5. Your goods will be placed on display for auction to members of the public. The operators of the stall have a limited ability to monitor closely the conduct of all customers of the auction. To your potential risk, that means that the goods are to some extent, available for inspection by customers. The goods are being sold on an “as is” basis.
  6. Your goods will be accounted for in the following ways:
    1. Any goods not sold will be returned to you.
    2. Any goods auctioned will have the purchase price paid to you, less 10% by way of commission to the Sutherland Shire Gamers.
  7. While best endeavours will be exercised by the Sutherland Shire Gamers with respect to your goods, if they are neither accounted for as sold nor able to be located, the Sutherland Shire Gamers will not bear any liability for that loss. In those circumstances, you will not be paid or have your goods returned to you.
  8. Any disputes as to the return of goods or payment for goods placed for Auction are to be raised no later than 2pm on Monday 7th October 2019. After that time no claim of loss will be maintainable by you against any person.
  9. Any goods not collected will be retained by the Sutherland Shire Gamers and retained for a period of thirty days. No notices will be given to you that any goods have been retained. Inquiries as to retained goods can be forwarded to MOAB Organiser.. If at the end of the thirty day period the goods have neither been collected nor been the subject of a concluded agreement for them to be collected, those goods become the property of the Sutherland Shire Gamers, absolutely and not subject to any trust or claim.

FAQ - Auction House

What sort of stuff can I sell? Pretty much anything gaming related, collectibles, or items others might want. As we Reserve Price minimum of $200, we are providing a way for you to sell armies, instead of the smaller items at the Bring & Buy.

How do I go about selling stuff? Items for The Auction House (Deliveries) are accepted at certain times over the weekend. Please check Operating Hours button below for exact times. All items need to be clearly labelled using our Auction House labels, and you need to accept our terms and conditions. Our advice – put a Reserve Price on the item which you would pay for it.

Access to display area when dropping off items There will be no public access (this includes Sellers) to the display area during drop off and delivery times. Sellers are not permitted in this area during setup/drop off or any other area designated 'Staff Only'.

Where can I find it? The location of The Auction House is the same location of the Bring & Buy, will be in the same place as last year, downstairs Gym area, where there is much more room and undercover waiting areas. Don't know where the Gym is? Don't worry, we will have plenty of signs on the day.

Can I submit my Auction Items electronically? Yes, you can. We have added this process to speed up the whole Auction House process. Go to the Upload Auction Items button below.

Labelling your items Items for sale need to be packed for display and clearly labelled with our Auction House labels, which will be provided to you. We reserve the right not to accept forms other than this design.

What sort of stuff can I NOT sell? Gamers are pretty nerdy and like some weird stuff, but even we draw limits. We reserve the right to not allow items for sale particularly if they are unsafe (or illegal). For example we don’t accept clothes, shoes, hand bags, stereo equipment, car tyres or food unless its gaming related. If in doubt contact the MOAB Organiser. to confirm if its ok.

How do I pay? You can pay by Cash or by a Credit/Debit card (although these transactions incur a 2% transaction fee).

When do I get my money and pick up unsold items? Please check the time on Operating Hours button (below) for "Payouts".

Anything else you need to know? If you have further questions you can email the MOAB Organiser.

Auction Seller Requirements

  • Each item must be clearly and accurately described, by the Seller.
  • A reserve price is to be provided by the Seller and that price must be equal to or above the minimum $200.00 reserve price as set by the Sutherland Shire Gamers.
  • An incremental bidding price will be determined by the Sutherland Shire Gamers.

Note - Submission of an item for auction is acceptance of Sutherland Shire Gamers Terms and Conditions.

  • All items should be packaged so that can be readily inspected without the need to remove the packaging. Some Bidders will want to inspect items so as to ensure that the description is accurate and to verify the contents and this needs to be easily done.
  • When completing your admission item forms all items are to be coded with the Sellers Code and Item number.
  • The label generated by the Sutherland Shire Gamers will contain a unique identifying number.
  • All items must be labelled using the labels provided by Sutherland Shire Gamers.
  • Items for auction can be delivered at designated times, see Operating Hours button (below) for further details.
Auction times
  • The Auction House will be open for inspection and bidding at designated times, see Operating Hours button (below) for further details.
  • Sellers will be notified (by phone or text) of results once all bidding sheets and payments have been finalised.
  • Sellers may collect their unsold items and monies at designated times, see Operating Hours button (below) for further details.

Uploading Auction Items is NOW CLOSED. Please bring your Auction Items (and the description of those items on a USB) to MOAB between the hours of 7:30-9:30am or 1:00-5:00pm Sat 5/10 or 8:00-9:30am Sun 6/10.

To upload your Auction Items, please enter details below, select up to 2 pictures for each item and press the Upload This Item button. We will send you a confirmation email soon.

Please start your Seller Code with AH

Registering Online as a Auction Bidder is NOW CLOSED. Please come along on Saturday 5/10 between 7:30-9:30am or 1:00-5:00pm, or Sunday 6/10 between 8:00-9:30am to register as a Auction Bidder.

You can Register as a Auction Bidder online, this will speed up the process on the Auction day.

Date Time Deliveries Auction Payment by Winning Bidders Payouts
Friday 4th Oct 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM Tick Cross Cross Cross
Saturday 5th Oct 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM Tick Cross Cross Cross
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Tick Cross Cross Cross
Sunday 6th Oct 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM Tick Cross Cross Cross
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM Cross Tick Cross Cross
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM Cross Cross Tick Cross
4:00 PM - 5:00PM Cross Cross Cross Tick
Monday 7st Oct 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM Cross Cross Cross Tick

Please note: The Sutherland Shire Gamers are members of the Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club. Like you we are gamers who enjoy a range of table top games. We run two events - the MOAB convention (which includes our Bring and Buy and now The Auction House) and the Second Hand Stall at the CANCON convention.

We run both of these events to raise funds for our club and as a service to our fellow gamers. And we are all volunteers.

We do not have the resources to inspect and verify that each Auction item is accurate, has a description, or that the condition of the item is as described or inferred.

Accordingly, Sellers who place items for sale in either of our two stalls do so at their own risk, and we do not accept responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of any item; and Buyers are responsible for ensuring that the items they purchase are as described.